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Landscape and Urban Design

As part of the Development process, applications are reviewed to ensure a consistently high quality of streetscape, building and site design that will enhance the Town of Caledon.

Town-Wide Design Guidelines

The Comprehensive Town-Wide Design Guidelines (TWDG) prepared by MBTW II WAI dated November 2017, and endorsed by Council on December 12, 2018, is used to direct development and redevelopment at the various stages of the development approvals process in Caledon. Consistent with the Town's vision for Caledon, the TWDG provides creative and sustainable recommendations for rural and urban Caledon that protect and enhance the natural environment, while accommodating future development and trends. These design guidelines which apply town wide, replace design guidelines that are incomplete. Where there is conflict between the TWDG and area specific Community Design Plans and associated Architectural Design Guidelines, the area specific design guidelines take precedent.

Town-Wide Design Guidelines (November 2017, pdf)

Appendices to the Town-Wide Design Guidelines

A.  Approvals & Implementation for Industrial / Commercial Applications

B.  Specific Design Guidelines for South Bolton Industrial Park

C.  Drive-Through Service Facilities

D.  Protocol for Establishing Telecommunications Facilities

By Community

Design Guidelines that apply to specific communities:


Caledon East

Mayfield West




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