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Green Public Works

The Town of Caledon's Public Works Department has implemented various green initiatives in order to maintain the green standards of the Town and to come closer to meeting Caledon's environmental goals.


The Public Works Department has a large fleet for the operation and maintenance of the Town's assets.

The fleet consists of 85 vehicles ranging from small transportation vehicles to heavy-duty trucks, off-road motor graders, and 125 various small pieces of equipment.

The fleet emits approximately 1100 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year (not including small equipment or the Fire Department fleet). The Kyoto Accord has a set target of reducing green house gas emissions to 6% below the 1990 rate by 2012. With the pending Fleet acquisitions in 2012 we will exceed this target.

The following are current and future initiatives to reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions from our Town's fleet:

  • Increased use of biodiesel blends.  Fleet is constantly researching other alternative fuels such as, ethanol gasoline blends, compressed natural gas and any other alternatives that may evolve as technology improves.
  • Replacement of 10 gasoline powered units and larger trucks with high efficiency diesels.
  • The investigation of electric hybrid technology for use in various areas.
  • Right sizing the fleet will continue in future purchases.
  • Efficient route planning.
  • Anti-idling policies are in place and will be expanded.
  • Drive smart education.

Salt and Chloride Management

Chlorides can be detrimental to the environment and infrastructure. The Town of Caledon has and will continue to take initiatives to effectively use chlorides and reduce the environmental impacts of their use.

Sodium Chloride (Salt)

The Town of Caledon utilizes a sand/salt mixture to safely maintain roads during winter storm conditions. The Public Works Department monitors the application of de-icing agents (Sodium and Calcium Chlorides) and annually reports to the Federal Ministry of Environment of the particulars of its use. All efforts are utilized to ensure chlorides are used efficiently and effectively in dealing with winter road conditions. For more information read our Salt Management Plan.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is a hydroscopic material that absorbs moisture from the air, acts as a dust control, aids in compaction of gravel, and increases performance of the gravel road surface.

Trees and Woodlands in Caledon

For more information about the Trees and Woodlands by-law and the Native Tree Seedling program, visit our Trees and Woodlands page.