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Frequently Asked Questions

How many demerit points will I receive?

Demerit points are assigned by the Ministry of Transportation. To find out more go to the Ministry of Transportation website.

I don't understand the charge, how can I find out more?

To find out more about your charge go to the Ministry of Attorney General e-laws website.

How do I change a trial date once it has been scheduled?

You must attend at the court where your trial is scheduled at least 10 days before your scheduled trial date. A Motion for Adjournment and Affidavit must be completed and filed with the court. The motion will be scheduled for the next available court date, court staff will assist you in selecting an appropriate day. You or a representative must appear on the motion date, before a Justice of the Peace to request a new court date. If your adjournment is granted, you will be notified in court of your next trial date.

If there is less than 10 days before your court date please contact the court for assistance.

I did not receive my Notice of Trial and now I am convicted, what can I do?

You must attend the court indicated on the trial notice to request a re-opening. This must be done within 15 days of becoming aware of the conviciton. You are required to complete an affidavt, please bring photo identification with you when you attend the court.

My licence has been suspended due to unpaid fines, what should I do now?

Payment of the fine must be made in full. Once the payment is made you are required to go to your local Ministry of Transportation office and pay a $150.00 reinstatement fee. Once the reinstatement fee has been paid and there are no other fines or alternate reasons for licence suspension, your licence will be reinstated within 3-5 business days from the date of the fine being paid.