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Property Tax Information for Newly Constructed Homes

Due Dates

Property tax is due on the first Thursday of March, May, July and September.


The Town may have calculated and billed your property taxes based on the value of your land only if the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation ( has not assessed your house yet.

It may take up to 3 years after occupancy before your property assessment reflects both the land and the house.

The Town issues supplementary tax bills when MPAC has reassessed a property because of additions or improvements that increase its market value or when MPAC has assessed a new home or building.

For newly constructed homes that are currently assessed at land only, once the full assessment information becomes available, the Town will send a supplementary tax bill.

The supplementary tax bill can date back three years and will be for taxes payable less any taxes already billed based on the land value.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP)

Your PAP application will be included with your final tax bill.

Pre-authorized payment withdrawals are made on the first of the month, January through October OR on tax installment due dates, based on the PAP plan selected.

Download the PAP application (pdf)

Semi-detached and Townhomes

When a large piece of land, such as the land that semi-detached and townhomes are built on, is divided into a series of smaller parcels of land, it is often necessary to "apportion" taxes from the original land block to the new individual parcels.

MPAC assigns each of the new parcels an individual roll number and an assessment value for the land.

When the Town receives this apportionment information from MPAC, an adjustment to the taxes is created and bills are issued.

Tax Calculator

Want an estimate of your taxes?

Check out our property tax calculator for an estimate of your annual taxes.

Property Tax Calculator


For more information, please contact Service Caledon at 905.584.2272 ext. 7750