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Energy conservation promotes behaviours and projects that result in reduced energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions, and operational cost savings.

Tips on Reducing Energy Use at Home


Town of Caledon Corporate Energy Management Plan Update (2014-2019)

The Corporate Energy Management Plan (CEMP) is in place to help the Town foster a culture of energy conservation and promote efficiency within its Facilities. The plan is being updated to promote the reduction of all GHG emissions generated by the Town, incorporating buildings, fleet, water, and waste. 

Solar panelsThe Town has five renewable energy projects including three ground mounted micro FIT solar projects, a solar wall at Mayfield Recreation Complex and a ground source heat pump system at the LEED Gold OPP facility in Caledon East.

According to the Electricity Act (1998) Ontario Regulation 507/18, the Town is required to report its facility energy consumption and associated GHG emissions data to the Ontario Provincial Ministry of Energy Northern Development and Mines by July, 1 of every year. The following reports include progress on the Town’s Corporate Energy Management plan.

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Corporate Energy Team

A Corporate Energy Team is comprised of facility operations staff and managers to govern the implementation of the Corporate Energy Management Plan. They meet quarterly to ensure that the goals, objectives, and targets are being met.

The Team also helps to manage an Energy Revolving Fund that is supported by the Town’s three ground-mounted solar projects (approximately $25,000 annually), energy incentives and 25% savings from funded projects. The fund will pay for energy retrofit projects with a less than 10 year payback and the energy cost savings are diverted back to the fund.


The Town has received a number of awards from organizations focusing on leadership in energy management operations including:

Mayors Megawatt Challenge

  • Town Hall: 10% energy savings milestone award (2015)
  • Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness 10% energy savings milestone award (2015)
  • Mayfield Recreation Complex: Within 5% of the energy conservation potential award (2018)
  • Ontario Recreation Facilities Association Inc. (ORFA), Don Harrison Energy Champion Award
    • Awarded to Tom Plese, Operations Coordinator (2015)
    • Phil Lankhof & Cam Coulter award for their efforts to conserve energy at the Mayfield Recreation Complex (2018)

Civic Action Race to Reduce

  •  Greater than 20 per cent energy reduction award (2015)


  •  Energy Innovation Award for MUSH - municipal/university/school/hospital (2019)

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Corporate Green Building Standard

The Corporate Green Building Standard requires that new Town facilities (over 10,000 square feet) must achieve a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver certification based on the most current version of the LEED for New Construction Program.

LED Streetlight Conversion

In 2015, the Town retrofitted approximately 1,500 cobrahead style streetlights on Town owned roads to LED. The result of this retrofit was almost one million kWh in savings and over $150,000 in energy incentives.

Approximately and additional 600 cobrahead style streetlights were converted to LED during the summer and early spring of 2017.

Learn more about LEDs.

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